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Smokestack Demolition Falls on Top of Tractor
Workers Drop Cases of Beer from Truck
Road Worker Shovel Helmet Hat Trick Fail
Tree Cutting Takes Down Ladder
Lumberjack Runs Away as Tree Splits during Cut
Wood Hits Construction Worker in Head
Contractor Falls through Ceiling
Worker Falls through Office Ceiling
Girl Hits Boss’s Head with VR Controller
White Delivery Truck Fails to Clear Bridge
Worker Struggles to Lift Fence into Dumpster
Auto Technician Runs Into Tire
Bundle of Trusses Falls off Truck
Construction Workers Can’t Load Giant Pipe
Blacksmith Swings Hammer into Nuts
Drunk Worker Falls Carrying Cement Bag
Forklift into Stack of Sodas
Car Falls Off Back of Tow Truck
Professional Tree Cutter Lets Tree Fall on House
Pool Cleaner Falls in Water
Soda Spills Everywhere
Man Falls off Warehouse Floor Sweeper
Guy Catches Two Beer Bottles but Drops Third
Soldier Falls while Trying to Load Truck
Mechanic Doesn’t Know How to Unload Car
Warehouse Structure Falls Down
Spotter Lets Gymnast Faceplant on Balance Beam
Garbage Truck Eats Waste Bin
Tractor loading fail
Fork Lift Causes Warehouse Shelves to Fall

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